Dear friends,

In the last years, Romanul Corp started a tradition of honor to support families in need during the Christmas season and during Eastern Orthodox Pascha.

This year for Christmas, we invite you to support a young family of Romanian descent from Cernăuți (Chernivtsi) in Ukraine, mother, father and a three year old. They are currently awaiting for the travel authorization from the US government to relocate to Connecticut sponsored by an American individual who is offering them room and board for at least three months after their arrival.

But we can also help. The family needs support to purchase airplane tickets to fly to Connecticut and some money for living expenses until they establish themselves here. The parents are currently jobless in Ukraine since the start of the war but the father is a truck driver who is looking for work in the USA.

We know that Romanul Corp is not alone in this effort! Together, let’s continue to “Adopt a Family” again this year for Christmas 2022 and to support them by donating here. Please share this message with friends and your community.

Thank you and Merry Christmas, everyone!

“…E sărbătoare și e joc
În casa ta acum
Mai sunt bordeie fără foc
Dar vine un an mai bun.

E veselie și e cânt
În casa ta acum,
Dar nu uita când ești voios,
Române, să fii bun!”

Colind pe versuri de Ciprian Porumbescu

This campaign is organized in partnership with partnership with Connecticut for Ukraine and the Romanian Honorary Consulate in Hartford, Connecticut. 

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